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Love in the time of Ondemand: iSky’s tear-jerking break-up ad

In case you hadn’t noticed, the way we watch TV is changing. Appointment viewing is still surprisingly popular and according to Nielsen’s new Unitam figures, which factor in time-shifted viewing, just three percent of total viewing last week was time-shifted and 97 percent was live. In homes with personal video recorders (PVRs), time-shifted programming made up about nine percent of total viewing and people with PVRs watched about seven percent more TV in peak time than those in homes without. Away from the living room, however, the ‘what you want, when you want it’ culture and more reliable streaming means Ondemand content is becoming increasingly popular in New Zealand. And to push its online viewing platform iSky, Sky and two of DDB’s up-and-coming creatives Jay Hunt and Pete Gosselin have created a very funny campaign about a woman spurning her old, decrepit and rather bitter old telly for a shiny, vibrant and cocky new laptop. And, just like ‘Your Happy Place’, the slogan ‘Cheat on your TV’ is spot on, too.