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[email protected]: 10-20 March

In this round of [email protected], Expedia taps into our frugal Australasian sensibilities with its ‘New York on $50’ spot; Westfield and Moccona continue to push their  big travel promotions; Countdown continues its TV domination; P&O’s ads somehow make going on a cruise seem like it would be enjoyable; Persil hits the spot with its Small Whites ad; Rexona gets uber fashionable for its ‘fragrance collection’; Burger King puts bourbon in its burgers; TV3 embraces comparative advertising; Hyundai gets bucolic—and patriotic—with its Country Calendar promotion; and if Harvey Norman’s shouting, the ITM 400 Hamilton promos and the Protex ‘wash wash’ jingle are just too much to handle, Maxalt and The Low Down are here to help.