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Hubbards aims to set off a chain reaction of good deeds

Since the first days of the internet, those online have experimented in creating behavioural chain reactions. Most often, these early attempts involved little more than sending out an email that contained a promise of all types of misfortune if the message wasn’t forwarded. And invariably, there would always be a few recipients who found the electronic promise of impending doom as sufficient impetus to send the message on. And while this achieved little more than cluttering the embryonic email accounts of early adopters, the principle underpinning these chain letters is still relevant in today’s social media age in the sense that if you give people a good enough reason to share something, then they will pass it on. StopPress looks at how muesli brand Hubbards has been trying to create a chain reaction of its own through a campaign called ‘Keep the good going’, which encourages Kiwis to participate in random acts of goodness.