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A fine drop: NZTA and Clemenger BBDO want Kiwi blokes to know when to go

Back when I was a young lad, I went to the supermarket with a couple of my older cousins. They kept throwing jars at me. And I, of course, kept catching them. When I tried to retaliate and threw a jar back at them they, of course, moved aside and left it to smash on the ground, leaving me to deal with an angry manager. So you can imagine the painful memories that came flooding back after seeing NZTA and Clemenger BBDO’s latest anti-drink driving ads, which show a good—although slightly wasteful—way for responsible chaps to say no to another beersie from their mates.

Charity begins at home (and ends up here)

There is often great creative work found coming from charity and social messaging. It may have to do with the fact that often the only measure of success is if it gets people talking. Also, it is often done for free, so there are fewer pressures put on creativity by clients asking to ‘improve’ ideas. And perhaps ad creatives believe in the product more than if they were flogging toilet cleaner. Whatever the reason, there is plenty of good stuff to be found.