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Ground-breaking research investigates how New Zealanders are influenced by the Age of Acceleration

Media typically aims to reflect reality. But it can also influence it. In the interests of better understanding the supernova of technological change and globalisation, Bauer’s research division Insights IQ, has been examining how New Zealanders are responding to this unprecedented pace of change – and it appears kiwis are feeling pretty overwhelmed.

Canadian agencies once again show their love/hate relationship with advertising

Every year, Canada’s Strategy Magazine asks local agencies to indulge in some creative self-flagellation to celebrate its agency of the year awards. Last year, there were riffs on vending machine stunts, the industry’s culture of long hours and many other advertising-specific issues. And this year is no different, with fun poked at everything from brands co-opting female empowerment to the ridiculousness of “spec” work to the benefits of early targeting.