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Trump shy: why the polls missed the Republican voters

It’s been a year of unexpected outcomes in the sporting world and now in the US as voters turned out for Donald Trump to elect him as president. But even with such a support for Trump, the polls didn’t see it coming. Perhaps they should have taken guidance from the animals who tapped, ate and sniffed Trump more than they did Clinton. A Siberian polar bear named Felix, an Indian fish named Chanakya, a Chinese monkey named Geda and a group of puppies all proved a better informant than the polls when predicting the win. So where did it go wrong for the polls? We talk to to a group of New Zealand researchers about the validity of polls and how the prediction method could be improved.

Movings/Shakings: 27 June

The Research Agency welcomes an international research heavyweight, Eleven\PR snatches a couple from PPR, Ambient Group ramps up its experiential and talent offering, Firebrand does some of its own recruiting, Rob Fyfe wraps up warm with Icebreaker, Komli NZ wins, In Motion Post gets a slice of Bunnings, JOOB announces one of its regional big dogs and a couple of Auckland dining hotspots get some international attention.