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The Year* in Review: Resn

With a new office in Amsterdam, a host of awards, some massive international clients, a few stroke-inducing side projects and a cause-based cat telethon to promote internet freedom, Resn has further cemented its well-earned reputation as one of the world’s best—and most experimental—digital agencies in 2012. Kris Hermansson and Steve Le Marquand log on.

Sales of the century (and a half): Briscoes clocks up 150, offers massive red hot blue ribbon savings

The Briscoes lady—AKA Tammy Wells—has been invading New Zealand’s living rooms and mailboxes for almost a quarter of a century and, after thousands of ads about massive savings and red hot sales, the ‘You’ll never by better’ slogan has been well and truly etched into the nation’s consciousness. And this week the Kiwi retailer marked a significant milestone as it celebrated 150 years of business. PLUS: some classic old ads.