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Smarty Pants for sale

If you thought Mike Hutcheson was the smartest man in New Zealand, you thought wrong. Turns out it’s Brennan Martin. And we couldn’t help but chortle with delight/smack our gobs in disbelief at the man’s brazen show of commercialism when we received a press release boldly offering his services to endorse various goods and services. “Everybody who is human has their price,” he says, very intelligently, while smoking a pipe in a room filled with leather bound books. “As a unique promotional opportunity being offered to public and private businesses, I anticipate I will be well paid for my efforts. The rights to use my image and voice are a bargain at any price. However, my performance and appearance fee are negotiable.” Mmmm, confidence. He’s basically the thinking man’s Dan Carter. So tell us what kind of product/service/promotion you could use the country’s smartest man for and we’ll send the best effort a Tui gnome, a hip flask of Smirnoff and maybe even a couple of crappy business self-help books.