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Finding Z: the generation to fit them all

Demographics are dead. Or, at the very least, they’re no longer accurate. And the reason for that, writes Ben Reid, creative director at design agency Milk, is because consumers are no longer willing, or even able to be boxed into predictable generational sets of traits.

Fonterra Brands calls on the power of Annabel Langbein—and the power of the table—to get Kiwis cooking

The holy grail of content marketing is to create a win-win-win: something that’s good for the consumers, good for the brand and good for the ambassadors/publishers. And Fonterra Brands, Annabel Langbein and Milk reckon they’ve done just that with a new content-led campaign/’inspiration platform’ called ‘We Are What We Eat’, which aims to provide Kiwis with the tools to cook more often and more simply—and, at the same time, promote the surprisingly large benefits of getting the family around the table.