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The Year in Review: Annemarie Duff

With public broadcasting increasingly seen as a ‘nice to have’ by the National government, it’s all about the money for TVNZ these days. The $14-ish million TiVo mistake was obviously on the wrong side of that ledger, but the national broadcaster also had some big wins in 2011 and, judging by the extravagance of the 2012 new season launch, confidence is high for more success—both for ratings and ad spend—this year. General manager of marketing Annemarie Duff offers her two cents. 

Spring brings new marcomms life as fresh hires unveiled

TVNZ and MediaWorks trade recruitment blows; Saatchi’s creates a new role in an effort to ramp up ‘irresistability’; a man who struck fear into the hearts of marketing shysters hangs up his boots; and Omnigraphics, Villa Maria and Supply Design bolster their staff offerings.