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Pop-ups, personalisation and privacy: is ad blocking software a blessing or a curse?

Back in the early days of the internet, pop-up ads started, well, popping up. Originally, they were seen as a way for advertisers to fight against the early stages of banner blindness and get in front of users without being directly attached to the content of a website. But readers found them intrusive and annoying and, eventually, technology was developed to block them. And it’s happening again as Ad Blocking software grows in popularity. So are the supposed evils of online advertising worthy of drastic action? Or is it another unfair stake in the heart of publishers already dealing with a digitally-inspired existential crisis?

The ad blocker threat: what media owners are doing to stop ad avoidance

In the traditional media channels, advertising couldn’t be avoided. When viewers listened to a radio broadcast or watched a television show, ads were an inevitable part of the experience and often provided a momentary break to run to the bathroom or make a cup tea. But with the growing tendency of online viewing, this coerced ad-watching is no longer a given. Simple software downloads, such as AdBlock, now give viewers direct access to the content that they want to watch. So what are media owners doing to protect their advertising?