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Put ’em in the stocks

We’re huge fans of stock imagery here at StopPress. When we’re feeling down, we just take a few minutes and check out some pics of women laughing alone with salad, men laughing alone with fruit salad, women struggling to drink water or awkward stock photos and all is well with the world. We’re also huge fans of pictures of corporate over-enthusiasm and are always impressed with businesses that can create such a high level of excitement. So imagine our joy when we received this email offer from Action Actors. Maybe you could hire one of these guys to hang around your desk. 

Substitutes brought on…

…as the Ogilvy juggernaut keeps rolling, SparkPHD hires an ‘Irish media maven’, The Radio Network’s long-serving chief exec gets set to step down, Fluxx welcomes the co-founder of the Beige Brigade, Naked nabs a new comms planner, International Rescue adds five newbies to the flock, Media Design School tastes glory in Los Angeles, Lily & Louis wins a couple of accounts, ActionActors takes to the stage and Mark Hanson sets up a new kind of PR agency.