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Mo tips! Eggs! Bond! Yellow stalker! Space mixing! Plummeting! iPad mini! Corporate guy! Sharks! Kids! Ikea party! Thrusting! Etc!

The man with the lustrous lip guard offers some Movember tips; beware the cannibalistic, zombiefied chocolate eggs; unlocking the inner Bond; a very real—perhaps too real—Twitter follower; drinkssss innnn spaaaace; LG shows its stripes by scaring the bejesus out of lift-riders; Apple’s musical iPad mini ad (and a spoof); mixing business with pleasure; a beautifully made plea to take shark fin soup off the menu; the power of children; some inspiration for the upcoming Xmas party season from Ikea; Jell-O presidents; a very NZF(most)W but very funny collection of thrusting men; and a stacking whoopsie.