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Tequila face! Beds! News reading! Rube! Push the button! Donate! Men! Cats! Yoga mat! Bands! Daft Punk! Karate chimp!

Saving the world from bad tequila, one slow motion shot at a time; a life lived through beds; quite possibly the worst (but funniest) first day at work ever; show us your Rube; Playboy and the power of imagination; Salvation Army looks on the bright side of life; men have a problem; Cats. And exercise. At the same time; one smooth talking yoga mat; my favourite band is more fictional than your favourite band; the amazing acoustic version of Daft Punk’s new song; someone sign this chimp up for an ad; lest we forget (to try and cash in on Anzac Day); the world’s weirdest fliers; your mobile device is a prison; and nothing goes right when music goes wrong.