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Camera nerds! Mayans! Turkey! Water balloons! Eggs! Summer! Mini-Vinnie! Norway! Death! Bum Party!

Sony takes aim at DSLR nerds; we hope the Mayans aren’t right, but if they are, at least we have former NBA star Dikembe Mutombo; William Shatner’s deep fried turkey PSA, now in song form; a good (but fake) ad for Durex; protect ‘ya eggs; after ‘Dads in Briefs’, here’s ‘Summer Psycho’; mini-Vinnie follows in maxi-Vinnie’s footsteps to help promote CPR; the tables are turned in this fictional charity song aimed at showing a different side of Africa; certainly not laughing material, but a moving ad for the UN that demonstrates how we lose one child every three seconds; a very different take on death, this time from the viral sensation that is Dumb Ways to Die; quite possibly the funniest hashtag fail ever for Susan Boyle; 20 of the best magazine covers of 2012′ and ‘I love to do spanky with my big wooden cane’.