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Weekend! Cups! Asteroid! Astronauts! Comfort! Lambnesia! Faux fashion! Sport talk! Fresh Prince! Slap happy! Tech madness!

It’s no Three Little Pigs, but BBH’s spot for the Observer and Guardian Weekend is still pretty classy; two men, lots of cups in Nike’s latest golf spot starring new mascot Rory McIlroy; D&AD’s ‘Win one, die happy’ campaign to promote its 51st year shows ad awards are the key to eternal happiness; nothing beats an astronaut; the annual Australia Day lamb push; Target’s deprecating ode to fashion; Bad Lip Reading takes to the field; the Fresh Prince goes multi-lingual; body music; oh the humanity; a dildo in a Dettol ad; a developer adept at outsourcing; states of meat; and the Great Freedom Wars of 2013.