Year in Review: Ben Goodale, Quantum Jump

Every year, StopPress asks players in the local industry for their reflections on the year that was. Here’s what Ben Goodale, CEO at Quantum Jump, had to say.

1.   Favourite local campaign

Smith City’s Christmas ad – ‘A Whiteware Christmas’. Smith City’s new spot is not only a huge surprise – not the sort of advertising we are used to from them – but also loaded with dopamine, which a good Christmas ad should be, and a degree of dramatic tension nicely shot. Certainly stands out and great to see a brand that is usually just retail noise do something creative and emotive; well done Brandaid and Eight for creating it.

2.   Favourite international campaign

We’re very fortunate that the first pandemic for a century has occurred in a time of mass connectivity. Facebook recognised this beautifully in their “We’re never lost if we can find each other” film made by Droga 5 New York. In the spot, British poet Kate Tempest recites her poem ‘People’s Faces’ to real images supplied by Facebook users. It’s powerful and evocative and sums up for me the poignancy of the time.

3.   Pick three words to describe 2020

Team of 5million.

4.   Most memorable moment from lockdown?

My daughter buying me Juventus face masks from Italy.

5.   First thing you did in Level 1?

Moved into our new offices in Kingsland.

6.   First place you’ll travel to when borders open?

Sydney I reckon. Probably not ready to go too far until the world is more settled.

7.   Heroes of 2020

Jacinda. Ashley Bloomfield. Greta Thunberg. Marcus Rashford (even though he plays for Man Utd). US legal system.

8.   Villains of 2020

Trump. Whole Republican party. Old Etonians in the British government. Simon Bridges for totally misreading the mood of the nation.

9. What have you learnt about the world this year?

That we are woefully vulnerable to a global pandemic. That the post WW2 world order has been fractured and global cooperation is alarmingly low. But that as a nation Kiwis pull together as champions.

10. What achievement are you most proud of this year?

After taking a year off in 2019 to rest, reflect and reboot, I’m loving being back in the industry and Quantum Jump celebrated its first birthday this month; after just a year we’ve established a great team, offices, identity and are winning business and doing work I’m really proud of for clients that are a joy to work with.

11. Silver lining of 2020? 

Family time over lockdown. We had a lot of laughs, walks, themed dinners, quizzes and games.

12. Best brands of 2020

Purex. Domestos. Zoom.

13. Lamest trend of 2020

TikTok. And face masks of course.

14. Best innovation

It wasn’t invented this year, but this is the year that working from home and video calling came of age.  Transformative in so many ways, the fact that as a working society there is less pressure to be in an office a set period every day, more openness to flexible working and being in a meeting by video, is going to make a big positive difference to people’s working lives.

15. What died in 2020? 

My optimism for American politics.

16. Guilty Netflix obsession?

I’m a Sky guy. Netflix doesn’t screen football.

17. Twitter or Instagram?

Yawn. Read a book. Go for a walk.

18. What should be uninvented? 

The undermining of faith in the Third Estate by the bitter Trumpian Republicans labelling it all ‘fake news’.

19. What’s the biggest mistake advertisers will make in 2021?

Over-using 2020 and the pandemic as a springboard for advertising messages, ie “in these uncertain times…”. And assuming that things will never be the same again. Of course they will.

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