The irreplaceable role of Human Intelligence

In a global narrative increasingly centered around Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced technology, Havas NZ is launching an impactful initiative, reminding us of the invaluable importance of Human Intelligence (HI).

This internationally recognised marketing and communications company is pushing an approach that foregrounds human ingenuity, creativity, and intellect in an age of disruptive technologies.

“Havas NZ firmly believes that the heart of innovation lies in human intelligence,” says Rafis Kadir, Media Head at Havas NZ. “When you get down to it, without H.I, does technology even exist? Our human experiences, creativity, and intellect are the original catalysts, the bedrock of all technological advances.”

Rafis Kadir.

Havas NZ has embarked on a unique campaign titled “In a World Where You Can Be Anything, Be Human,” drawing attention to the significant and irreplaceable role of human capabilities. As part of this innovative campaign, Havas NZ has produced an insightful clip asking AI if it can truly understand humanity. The answer is both intriguing and thought-provoking. 

Watch the clip at www.havas.co.nz

Ben Handy, Managing Director / Chief Creative Officer at Havas NZ, shares: “Our human curiosity and pursuit of knowledge and understanding are the real reasons behind today’s technological marvels. Our future is not only about mastering AI but also championing and harnessing human intelligence. Ultimately, as Mo Gawdat (former chief business officer for Google X) puts it, A.I needs human input, to shape it into a good universal being.”

Ben Handy.

Kadir adds: “The magic happens when the power of AI is blended with the richness of human creativity and intuition. That’s the special ingredient we’re focusing on.”

Through this provactive initiative, Havas NZ aims to drive an industry shift towards a more 
human-centric approach to technology and communication.

As Handy concludes: “While we embrace and push the boundaries of technology, we also remember who’s behind the wheel. Havas NZ is steadfast in celebrating the enduring power of human creativity, emotion and intuition, fusing these with the speed, efficiency, and scalability of AI.”

Discover more about this initiative at www.havas.co.nz

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