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Creativity has always been the advertising industry’s super-power. Creative thinking changes perceptions, it turns the ordinary into the extraordinary, reflects and informs culture, and creates value where there was none. The 2024 AXIS Awards is an opportunity to celebrate not just the very best ideas advertising has to offer, but also seeks out the work that moves the industry forward.

The awards are to be held on April 11 at Shed10 in Auckland, and prior to the gala evening, Axis Speaks (between 9am and 11am on that day) will feature four notable speakers giving their views on creativity and more.

StopPress will feature each speaker prior to the event. Today we feature Justine Armour.

Australian expat Justine Armour, Partner & Chief Creative Officer, FIG (USA) has a rich 25-year background in the advertising industry. She has spearheaded creative teams for globally renowned agencies such as Wieden+Kennedy, 72&Sunny, and Grey Group. Currently, she serves as a partner and Chief Creative Officer at Fig in New York.

What are your expectations for the AXIS awards and your interactions with the New Zealand advertising community?

I’ll be speaking remotely from New York, but I really hope I can engage people enough to have a dialogue. I’m excited to answer any questions and share any wisdom I have that might inspire people in their jobs.

Do you have any particular message you hope to convey to the audience at the awards?

Creativity is an organic process, it requires us to be incredibly human and connected to our bodies, and to be able to feel our instincts. Being afraid of technology is counter-intuitive to the creative process. It’s an exciting time and it needs us to bring our organic intelligence more than ever. 

What do you see as the biggest challenges and opportunities for innovation in advertising today?

To overwhelm is our biggest challenge. Connecting to our innate human magic and bringing that to the new tools we have to explore, is our biggest opportunity. 

How can agencies ensure they are staying ahead of the curve and creating truly innovative campaigns?

Innovative means surprising, unexpected, finding your own ground. To do that, you have to know what the landscape is, and that’s incredibly difficult to see.

What role do you believe technology will play in the future of advertising, and how can it be used responsibly and ethically?

It will play every role, and it’ll be great at everything except the thing that matters. Real creativity is an organic endeavour, and we need to embrace the emerging tools with confidence and optimism.

What do you think the strengths and weaknesses of the New Zealand advertising scene are compared to other markets around the world?

New Zealand always punches above its weight in the international shows, and that’s because the work has an audacity to it that doesn’t always get embraced in the bigger markets where clients are more scared of risk. Clients with giant budgets and giant audiences are a double-edged sword. Having your idea that’s been warped by 1000 focus groups seen by 300 million people isn’t always a great day, believe me.

For more info and to purchase tickets https://events.humanitix.com/axis-2024

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