Social scoreboard

Zavy and StopPress have worked together to create a scoreboard that compares how the top 25 traditional media advertising spenders in New Zealand have performed on social media over the past 30 days, updated in real time.

The Zavy score

The Zavy score is a proprietary measure that determines the performance of a brand based on social media metrics. The score is based on the benchmarked performance of all the brands in the dashboard. Being an index, a score of 100 illustrates that the brand is ‘on par’ against the other brands.

The Zavy score is reported by social media platform/ channel: Facebook, Twitter and Youtube and is also aggregated up to an overall score – with each channel being weighted based on importance (based on usage in Australasia). The performance of each social media channel is based on the engagement and sentiment metrics unique to that channel.

The Leaderboard

Each company is ranked based on its Zavy score. The score is a rolling 30 day view of performance. Changes in position are calculated daily – based on the last 30 days performance.