The closest thing to making love to your brand: Gladeye’s ‘Vibrundies’ let you feel the sweet buzz (literally)

Have you ever felt that ‘buzz’ after launching a new campaign, seeing the name of your brand splashed all over social media? Well now there is the opportunity to feel it more literally than you ever imagined, thanks to Vibrundies, powered by Gladeye.

The Vibrundies have been designed to “connect you more intimately with your brand” and function as a social monitoring tool to “exploit the unparalleled sensitivity of your most finely-tuned body parts”.

Basically, they look like a regular pair of men’s undies (the smuggler kind) with a small pouch in the front where the wearer inserts the vibrating device (the illusion of package enhancement is an added bonus). There is also a small remote attached to turn the vibrations on and off. Wouldn’t want to waste the battery after all.

The epicentre of the undies is a dedicated Vibrundies app (for iPhones and iPads only), which is linked to the undies via bluetooth. All the user needs to do is punch in the name of their brand and connect to Twitter through the app, so that whenever their brand gets a mention, you guessed it, they get a pleasant little vibration. Lovely.

Here’s how the app sells itself: “Anytime/anywhere, in meetings, on the go, at church or in a heavy counseling session – when you can’t look at your phone, there’s a better way to feel the buzz of your social activity.”

Essentially, it’s the closest you can come to making love to your brand. 

In the app the user can test the pulse, change the intensity of the vibration and change the settings to ‘do not disturb’ for those more serious moments like meetings, dinner at your parents place, job interviews and weddings.

A high-definition photo of one of our staff members (not naming any names, not this writer, obviously) who tested them out to really feel the oscillation of all that StopPress love (which we know is undying).

So basically, as long the wearer is trying hard to get brand love, they shall receive love in return.

Gladeye chief executive Tarver Graham says a pair was sent to clients Gladeye fancied, as “’tis the season” after all.

“I hope it comes across as intended, a light-hearted commentary on the sort of narcissistic addiction people have for instant social validation of ‘likes’ and such. Everyone gets a tickle from the buzz. We’ve just made it all literal. And in your pants.”

” … as well as the predicable app dev and design we actually built the electronics and 3D printed the ‘box’ on nights and weekends. We’ve never made such an intimate bluetooth wearable for real-time social listening before.”

So really, who needs a partner this Valentine’s Day, when you can wear your Vibrundies and show your deep, intimate love for your brand instead.

We also think there are many prospects for Vibrundies to bolster team spirit and morale. We suggest branded pairs for companies’ whole marketing and creative teams. So when that campaign does extra well, you can all feel those love vibrations together. How romantic.

And in a similar vein, Durex sells a product which it calls ‘Fundawear‘ which allows your touch to be passed through the internet to your lover. What will they think of next? The fun never stops.

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