When things are this good, you win the Ad Impact award

The Ad Impact Awards are
often closely fought and the July round proved no exception, with both
Steinlager Pure and V performing above the norms as impactful TV ads. But Taika
Waititi’s comedic effort in DDB’s Steinlager Pure  ‘When things are this
good’ TVC was too strong, pipping Colenso BBDO’s V Motion Project.


Harriet Dixon,
senior account manager at Colmar Brunton, sings the praises of both efforts, describing
them as highly enjoyable ads that effectively engage consumers, leaving them in
no doubt as to what brand the ads are for.

“Both ads excel at creating above average ‘talkability’, with the Steinlager ad going one step
further to create an even stronger response,” she says. “Gaining a higher
persuasion index score by driving more consumers to want buy the brand and also
achieving strong brand appeal (aiding an emotional connection with the brand)
which is important for long term sales.”
 While the V Motion Project scored slightly higher in both the branding and impact indexes,
Steinlager’s persuasion index score was notably higher. 

DDB managing
director Justin Mowday says he’s a fan of the V Motion Project, so was
understandably chuffed to have taken out the award. And, having already
received positive feedback from those in the trade and consumers alike, having it
recognised in a formal sense is another coup.

“It’s a good
example of great creativity being effective and that’s obviously what we strive
for on behalf of our clients—to make ads that capture people’s attention,
communicate the right message and get them engaged with the brand. In that
sense it’s a great win.”

The ad features an
ample amount of all-too familiar advertising cliches, and Mowday says poking
fun at our often earnest tendencies was always the intention.   

using Taika has been a great call and people have responded really well and
have embraced that style of humour,” he says. “We
wanted that type of humour and we wanted to make the brand feel very accessible
and very New Zealand. To have Taika saying we don’t need
to have all these clichés and stereotypes about ourselves is a great way to get
the pure message across. When something is this good, you can keep it pure.
That comes across very well.”


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