Vodafone shares Piggy Sue’s latest adventures

The undeniably adorable Piggy Sue has returned to screens once again in a continuation of Vodafone’s brand campaign developed by FCB, this time she’s been recruited as a flanker.

The current ad is a 30-second follow up to the initial Piggy Sue ad which was released at the end of May and tells the story of how Keith the postie happens upon a lost piglet and then hunts for its owner using the available communication tools facilitated through the Vodafone network.

In the latest ad, Piggy Sue and Keith head to a rugby game together and Keith announces he’s found the new flanker.

Keith the Postie is a little short on players this weekend, so he’s recruited his smaller friend as a flanker. Oink!

Posted by Vodafone New Zealand on Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Vodafone New Zealand’s head of brand and insights Bart De Beucker said earlier that Piggy Sue marks the next stage in the evolution of the brand and that both the telco and previous face of Vodafone NZ James Rolleston felt it was time for a change.   

“James has done a great job for us for two years, because he enabled us to reconnect with Kiwis,” said De Beucker. “But we as a company have evolved into a fully converged business with a network from north to south, which covers 97.5 percent of the country and has a 4G reach of 80 percent of the country. And James has also grown up in the last few years. He has gone from being a teenager to being a man and he now has own acting career.” 

“We’re really focused on what the technology enables rather than the technology itself,” said Nileema Allerston, Vodafone’s head of business brands and comms earlier.

“The other way of looking at that is that all the device manufacturers can tell you what the technology does, because they’re making those devices … The technology is incidental to what is happening. It’s very powerful to see that Keith can do everything possible on the Vodafone network to find out who owns the pig. But actually, the power of connecting is the universal human truth we’re trying to bring to life.”

But by telling this story, Vodafone also makes a bold statement in saying that its technology can reliably connect people across the nation when it matters. And this is a risky claim to make in light of the fact that network outages are always a possibility.

“Fortunately, outages are few and far between,” said Allerston. “We’ve hardly had any outages in the 20 years we’ve been in New Zealand. The other thing is that we’ve invested a billion dollars in the last five years in our network and we continue to invest in it. Our role, fundamentally, is to maximise and optimise our network and that’s what the 3,000 people employed by Vodafone are required to do. We’re very confident in the strength of our network and that’s why we are willing to make bold statements about it.”

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