Three delicious free-range pigs go to market: Hell Pizza promotes limited edition pizza

Once upon a time, the Big Bad Wolf huffed and puffed and easily turned three little pigs into Hell Pizza’s latest limited edition offering.

Launched on Friday 31 August, the ‘3 Little Pigs’ pizza is themed around the popular children’s story of the same name. Each type of pork represents how the pigs built their individual houses (hay, wood, and bricks). 

The pizza is topped with hay-infused pork belly, wood-smoked pork and fennel sausage, bacon lardon bricks, and finished with Panhead Supercharger sauce and mozzarella. The subsequent campaign has done its utmost to reflect the flavours’ fairytale roots. 

Created in-house, with graphical assets by Inject Design, the marketing campaign is true-to-style for the pizza franchise, which loves putting a dark spin on things

Launched out-of-home earlier this month on 13 billboards across Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton and Tauranga the campaign will run until 30 September. The concept and creative for the billboard was done by BC&F Dentsu.

For smaller towns, Hell have also created a radio ad and is targeting customers via an email drop and Facebook, iPhone and Android app notifications, WeChat, and point-of-sale in-store.

There will also be a TVC which tells the story of the three little pigs in a ‘Hell-ish’ way. 

Hell Pizza have also collaborated with Panhead to promote the pizza through Panhead’s supermarket channels. Six thousand vouchers for a free snack ‘3 Little Pigs’ pizza are going into Panhead Supercharger six-packs. This will be advertised with a sticker on the outside of the beer box.

Hell Pizza says the brand presence in the supermarket beer channel is extremely valuable, and it’s the first time ever Panhead has given away another company’s product with their own.

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