Terrifying equine gang! Let’s enhance! Obama gets a tune up!

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News just in: a terrifying equine scourge called the Crazy Horses *pbbbffff neigh neigh* is roving around the East coast of New Zealand, leaving a trail of wanton destruction in its wake as it pulls out a range of sweet yet violent street fighting moves on innocent passersby. Taika Waititi’s new feature-length film Boy (see the full-length trailer here) is out in March and, as something of a side project that’s semi-related to the movie, he’s gathered together some heavies and started a faux gang.

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And the gang members have concocted some of the best rules ever devised. Watch your step. The Crazy Horses are on the loose *pbbbfff neigh neigh*

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A brilliant homage to the amazing visual technology that seems to exist only in the televisual and filmic parallel universes. Enhance. Enhance. Enhance.

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Obama ‘sings’.

Some classy cigarette ads.

And the best wedding invite ever made, as voted by a panel of experts*

*Panel made up of one, who may be slightly biased because he’s included in the invite.

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