Tech loop! Mad chip skillz! Trololololol 2.0! Hey Rube! Make it funky! Radiohead! Remarkable musical talent! Linkage!

Youtube Video The technology loop: undoubtedly a common scenario for you tech-savvy marcomms types.

Youtube Video Dorito’s goes epic in The Dip Desperado.

Youtube Video Trololololol LOL.

Youtube Video Ford channels Rube Goldberg in this token French video to observe Bastille Day.

Youtube Video James Brown’s dance tutorial.

Youtube Video Radiohead as you’ve never seen them (it gets good at about 3.00 mins).

Youtube Video Laughing at other people’s expense is still the best type of laughing.

Quite possibly the best response ever to haters of a redesign; a fully skateboardable house; it seems the crazy preacher was actually talking about the end of the News of the World; animals with more followers than major news outlets; The Daily Show tackles the phone hacking scandal and reveals an unlikely hero; Don Draper’s guide to liferise of the pastafarian; the controversial (but mostly just funny) PMS-related milk campaign from the US; and a smooth jazz cover of the most annoying song in the world.

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