MediaWorks and Radio Tarana hook up, aim to capitalise on growing Indian market

MediaWorks Radio and Radio Tarana (which has been broadcasting in New Zealand since 1996) have formed a new partnership in an effort to create fresh commercial opportunities for their respective clients. And the move makes sense for both the network and radio station, given the demographic changes in New Zealand over the last two decades. 

Last year, Radio Tarana’s managing director Robert Khan told NZ Marketing that immigration to New Zealand to was driving the demand for his radio station.

“Niche Radio like language stations are growing rapidly,” said Kahn. “Looking at Tarana as a brand, our listenership has increased due to the changes in population over the last ten years. It’s interesting to note that Hindi is now the fourth most spoken language in New Zealand and a Radio outlet like ours preserves this aspect of culture.”

Khan also noted that the radio was undergoing a major shift, and that industry players were starting to take note of the niche players in the market.  

“The advertising agency gatekeepers are now recognising the significance of brands like Tarana. In saying that, agencies like TRB have been successful marketing our niche brands for number of years and their organisation is a great example of one that understands diversity, audience needs, specific radio brands and advertiser campaigns.”

Those who identified as Indian in the 2013 census now make up the fifth largest ethnic group in New Zealand, and MediaWorks’ decision to form this commercial partnership with Tarana will give the network a means by which to reach this rapidly growing segment of the population. 

“This partnership provides exciting opportunities to take the MediaWorks stable of brands into new markets, and to work with the Radio Tarana team for the benefit of all our customers,” said the MediaWorks commercial director Paul Hancox in a release. “Over the last year, we have built a fantastic new radio management team, and they are fired up to further strengthen our number one position in 2015.”

Radio Tarana is currently only broadcast in Auckland and Wellington but the station is accessible nationwide via the internet. Speaking to NZ Marketing, Khan pointed out that it was particularly important for niche radio stations to embrace digital platforms in the modern media landscape.

“In today’s interactive world, its difficult to maintain time spent listening of a consumer to a fixed platform,” said Khan. “It must also be considered that the lack of free-to-air spectrum makes it difficult for [niche players], so the new delivery platforms give them new opportunity to provide innovative programming.”

In addition to reaching the ears of Indian listeners all over the country, MediaWorks will also be able to benefit from Tarana-hosted events such as the Diwali festival, which last year attracted around 400,000 attendees.

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