Swan dive! Giant pans! The Boss! Scanwiches! Tui! Cocaine!

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The man your man could smell like is back for the latest Old Spice spot with what could be a small case of ‘that difficult second album’ syndrome.

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If you’ve always wanted to dress up as a prawn, egg, carrot or fish, then you’ll probably love this.

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The Boss: a man of many talents.

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The Planktonites get feral in Cannes and feed a skyrat to some big shot creative director.

When food and technology collide: quite possibly the best website/competition ever.

Some White Blacks-related patriotism from Tui. And Maradona puts the vuvuzela to good use (speaking of the horn of Africa, if you haven’t checked out the vuvuzela button on YouTube yet, it’s surprisingly entertaining).

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