TVNZ + Spark + RWC: The biggest story of the year (so far) through the eyes of StopPress readers

The first instalment of findings from last month’s StopPress/TRA survey is out. We asked readers for their opinions on everything from the effectiveness of recent campaigns to the most under-rated marketing disciplines, and here are the findings for the biggest stories of the year.

Stories were rated on a scale—from one (pfff) to 10 (holy shit)—and the 120 who responded gave TVNZ and Spark winning the Rugby World Cup rights, Facebook’s data issues, and The Warehouse moving media to Omnicom the highest average ratings.

TVNZ and Spark winning the Rugby World Cup rights received the highest rating with an average of 7.15—a large chunk of voters scaled it at an eight out of ten. News broke of the Rugby World Cup rights in April and saw an end of an era for Sky, and a new one for TVNZ and Spark.

Spark and TVNZ’s win means New Zealanders will be able to stream Rugby World Cup 2019 matches and related content live or on-demand over their home broadband or mobile connection. The wait is now on for exact details about how this will look but Spark has assured New Zealand it will be available to all. However, Spark customers are likely to be offered some special deals and experiences.

The second story earning attention was Facebook’s data issues, which scored an average of 6.96 and a big section of voters scoring it at an eight out of 10. Unlike the Rugby World Cup broadcasting rights, Facebook’s data issues hold global significance and signal some of the scary truths connected to our beloved behemoth. The story invigorated an ongoing conversation about data, privacy and policing the internet.

Coming in third was The Warehouse Group moving its media account to Omnicom Media Group, which saw an average of 5.67. The story was of lower impact on society, but of high significance on the industry. The Warehouse Group had a change of tack as it moved its family of brands under one single media agency, Omnicom Media Group. The decision was made to unify its approach to media, attribution and measurement

pitch process for media account kicked off in January involving a shortlist of media agencies. 

Further shocking stories featured on the list were NZ Post’s price increases, ASA’s partially upheld complaint about the Brewer’s Association ‘Beer the beautiful truth’ Ad, and creative director Craig Whitehead leaving 99, which were generally parked in the centre or closer to the ‘pfff’ end of the spectrum.

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