Stickman sails first to the finish line to claim June Ad Impact Award

Like Emirates Team New Zealand’s triumphant win in Bermuda last month, Pak’nSave’s America’s Cup celebration pips Samsung to take home the gold.

Pak’nSave’s ‘Well done team’ advert was released shortly after New Zealand beat America to win the America’s Cup last month. The clip shows two stickmen with trolleys re-enacting how the final race concluded to show how ‘little old New Zealand’ beat the ‘big boys’. The two of them race around the store, heading towards the checkout, aka the finish line. Suddenly, Team New Zealand takes the lead and darts off while USA drops the tinfoil and can’t seem to find it. 

According to the release, Colmar Brunton commends the execution for its consistent use of its iconic stickman creative style. It adds that New Zealanders really enjoyed this advert and because it celebrated the country’s big win, it made them love Pak’nSave even more. The execution also made Kiwis think that Pak’nSave was really different to other supermarkets and that it contained different information. It generated a lot of talkability for the brand as many New Zealanders commented that it was the sort of ad they would talk about with friends and send to other if they saw it online. 

In runner up place is Samsung’s ‘Ostrich’ advert, which shows the large flightless bird wandering over to a house where it somehow manages to get a Samsung phone and virtual reality headset attached to its head. As the ostrich experiences a flight simulator application, it pursues its goal fly and eventually succeeds at the end, sending audiences the message that Samsung challenges us to ‘do what we can’t’.

The release goes on to praise the advert for being another enjoyable execution, making the public love Samsung. New Zealanders think that the execution shows that Samsung is setting the trend and is different from other mobile phones. Overall, the advert has created an appeal for the brand and Kiwis are more likely to purchase the brand in the future.

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