From spins to heartbeats: Genesis reimagines energy

Everything is energy according to a new campaign for Genesis by Shine, that gives the intangible idea of energy a tangible definition.

Featuring a montage of moments in a young girl’s life, the campaign, part of the ‘With you. For you’ campaign, aims to help New Zealanders think differently about energy what it is; where it comes from, and how it can be managed and used.

The spot is called ‘Reimagine’ and shows that every spin, heartbeat, sound and touch, among other things, are energy.

Justine Fairlie, general manager of brand and marketing at Genesis, says the ‘Reimagine’ platform enables it to tell customers how to better control, manage and understand their energy use in an authentic, inspiring and emotive way.

Chris Schofield, ECD at Shine, adds it loves the thought that everything in the world is energy, and the possibilities for harnessing and using that energy are endless.

The new creative is a move away from previous work in the ‘With you. For you’, that was about showing New Zealanders how Genesis can put them in control of their energy.

It turned customers into chief energy officers to showcase how they can control how much energy they generate and use.


Client: Genesis
EGM Customer and Innovation: James Magill​
GM Brand and Marketing: Justine Fairlie​
Senior Brand and UX Manager: Lizzy Baker
Senior Brand and UX Manager: Stephanie Fahey

Agency: Shine
Creative Partner: Chris Schofield
Senior Art Director: Darren Wong Kam/Billy McQueen
Writer: Martin Brown
Partner in Charge: Simon Curran
Head of Planning: Andy McLeish​
Group Business Director:  Jo Taylor
Senior Account Manager: Marcelle Ruffin​
Executive Producer: Nick Barnes

Production Company: GoodOil Films
Director: JH Beetge

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