Spiderbots! Action! Camoflauge! Jaws! Slow motion dogs! Tetris! Goooooaaaaallllll! Malkovich! Holograms!

Youtube VideoArt and social media collide in Orcon, M&C Saatchi and We Love Inc’s Semi-Permanent Twitterbots experiment.

Youtube VideoA young director who demands the best.

Youtube VideoThe Ice Bar Co. used pea packets to hide ice blocks, and Argentinian brand Andes is using a squash to hide beer.

Youtube VideoJaws: the director’s cut.

Youtube VideoDiesel knows dogs look better in slow motion.

Youtube VideoPrometheus? Pffff. This is the next big action blockbuster.

Youtube VideoGooooooaaaaaaaaalllllllllll!

Youtube VideoJohn Malkovich meets Siri.

Youtube VideoFirst Tupac, now a hottie in her gruts.

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