Spark and Colenso BBDO celebrate the power of the next generation

The next chapter of Sparks’ ‘Little Can Be Huge’ platform has been released, and it shows kids using the power of voice technology to find out if what they’ve been told is true. 

Called ‘Generation Voice is here’, the 60-second ad from Colenso BBDO, features children fact-checking what they’ve been told. They ask questions such as ‘does the TV only work when it is raining?’, ‘can a goldfish run away?’ and ‘is Santa always watching?’. The voice assistants respond with, ‘It’s a common misconception…’ leaving the kids aware they have been duped, and the ad ends with a little boy telling his mother ‘we need to talk’.  

Sarah Williams, brand COE lead at Spark, says today’s kids are going to grow up with voice assistants as a normal part of their lives, just like 90s kids did with mobile phones.

“Voice is another leap forward in the opportunities this generation is going to have, and that’s incredibly exciting to us.”

Creative director at Colenso BBDO creative director Mike Davison says everyone loves seeing empowered, curious kids.

“There’s this magic age range between about four and seven-years-old, when kids are still learning to read, but are weirdly more tech-savvy than many grown-ups. This is where the power of voice comes alive.”

As with previous ads for ‘Little can be Huge’—including the unconventional tear-jerking Father’s Day ad and Big Things come in small packages, both by Colenso BBDO—Spark has drawn on emotional and relatable storytelling to connect with its audience. 

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