Social snake oil! Scary mascots! Adult playgrounds! Fake phones and stocks! Men are dicks! Hipsters! Ohmmmm!

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With all that earnest talk about engagement, authenticity and honesty, social media is certainly very fertile ground for parody and ridicule – and also for shysters, snake oil merchants and pettifoggers like Brian.

The mascots for the London Olympics have been revealed. And Wenlock and Mandeville look like the devil spawn of the Teletubbies. This story crystalises the feelings of a nation (ie fear). And here’s the Daily Mail’s take on it.

Finally, someone stops thinking about the children (and our children’s children), and starts thinking about the adults; the best phone ever made (at least, the best phone ever made in order to promote Nova Scotia as a tourist destination); even when they’re sober, men are dicks; hipster bashing; using the power of combined minds and chanting to stop an oil spill; and a couple of Kiwi creatives selling fictional stocks in order to pay for a trip to Cannes.

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