Slingshot and Stuff call on New Zealanders to take a healthy dose of fibre

Slingshot has unveiled a quirky new TVC in which it promotes its fibre offering for the first time, having previously focused on promoting its DSL products. And elsewhere in broadband land, Stuff Fibre has launched today, providing a fibre-only service and further competition in an already tightly contested market.

The new Slingshot spot features a family who have already run out of things to do online, presumably because the connection is faster so their online tasks can be completed quickly. They are left with only one option, to live-stream the dog.  

The premise behind the ad is that with the high-speed data, every family member – right down to the dog – can be plugged into the web.

Roughly half of New Zealand households have fibre available, but only around 20 percent have taken it up, according to a Slingshot release. So, the provider is attempting to convince New Zealanders that the perceived hassle of switching is worthwhile, especially with Slingshot fibre costing the same as a slower DSL connection.

Slingshot senior marketing manager Luke Meurant says the number of connected devices in New Zealand households is booming and Slingshot’s offering is positioned to meet that demand.

“Slingshot’s fibre plans are priced very competitively, and we know that the Slingshot brand is a well-established part of the lead pack in terms of market consideration,” he says. “So the goal here is not to convince customers we have a great fibre product — they already see that — it’s to convince customers that they need fibre.”

Track creative director Jeff Harris agrees that Kiwis already want faster internet, it’s just a matter of making them realise it.

“With technology trends like the ‘Internet of Things’ starting to develop, people really are starting to test their internet plans to the limit,” says Harris. “We wanted to show people in a fun way that they’re already thrashing their data, and that appetite is only going to go up, so they need the right plan to cope with it.”

Slingshot’s last campaign brought aboard an irritatingly internet-savvy dad to push its data packages.

The dad in the TVC is keen to show his teenage daughter that he too has the know-how of the internet in a humorous role reversal.

And in other fibre news Stuff has officially launched Stuff Fibre, its fibre-only service—a joint venture between Fairfax Media NZ and NZ Fibre Communications Limited.  

The service provides unlimited data, no fixed term contracts, simple billing and local customer service, Stuff Fibre is the answer for Kiwis wanting the best fibre experience, made simpler, according to a Stuff release.

NZ Fibre Communications Limited managing director Sam Morse says there’s room for a fibre retailer that does things a bit differently.

“Fibre is the future we’ve all been waiting for—and it’s all we offer. We’re launching with simple fibre plans and products and a quick and easy online sign­up process. We’ll provide customers with a high­end WiFi router/modem designed for fibre­fast speeds, enabling multiple devices to be used at the same time with no lag, resulting in a superior internet experience.”

He says Stuff is dedicated to being customer first. “We’re giving people the freedom to use the internet the way they want, when they want, delivering an experience designed to remove the confusion and frustration around fibre internet services.”

More than 240,000 New Zealand homes are already connected to fibre and over 830 new households and businesses connect to it every working day, says Morse.

“The government is committed to rolling out fibre across New Zealand, but we think the experience many Kiwis are having through their ISPs isn’t as good as it could be. Why should it be so hard to get great customer service, along with a great internet connection? It shouldn’t be. And Stuff Fibre is our answer.”

He says the Stuff Fibre team has a depth of experience across the industry. “We’ve lived and breathed telecommunications, we’ve listened and learned. Stuff Fibre is designed to solve these problems for our customers.”

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