Share a Coke campaign puts it to the vote

The Kiwi masses were whipped into a frenzy last month by Coca-Cola’s announcement that it was looking for 50 new names to plaster on Coke bottles through its Share a Coke campaign and now it’s time to vote.

A full list of 100 potential names is up at shareacoke.co.nz and punters have until Friday to have their say on which 50 should appear on the next release.

Brid Drohan-Stewart, Coca-Cola sparkling beverages marketing manager, says the company was “blown away” by the response, with 160,000 New Zealanders engaging and at one stage more than 18,000 nominations received in the space of one week. 

On the back of Share a Coke, which debuted in August, it has enjoyed an 11 percent increase in Facebook fan numbers to more than 170,000 and a seven-fold increase in engagement, to say nothing of the thousands of tweets generated.
“We’re expecting a real race to the finish as people vote and campaign to ensure they get to share a Coke with their favourite people on this list.”

The final 50 names to feature on a new release of Coke bottles, as voted by New Zealanders, will be announced in early November and available in shops soon after.
More than 7500 people have also visited Share a Coke kiosks at universities and supermarkets to get a friend’s name printed on bottles.

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