Sexy canoeing! Gratuitous swearing! Eagleman! Balls! Virtuoso! Numerous highly entertaining links!

Youtube Video No doubt about it, freestyle canoeing is sexy.

Youtube Video Samuel L Jackson reads Go the F**k to Sleep. Sensitive ears beware.

Youtube Video Widely regarded as the worst ad ever made.

Youtube Video Sony follows up its balls spot with a new balls spot, this time to celebrate the filming of Wimbledon in 3D. Speaking of Wimbledon

Youtube Video Who needs real instruments when you’ve got an iPad.

First Intel launched the Museum of Me, now it’s showing off again with this; hey officer, thanks for the ticket; great behind the scenes shots from famous movies; this is how you get into a car; with a name like this, bad things were bound to happen; a classic user-generated Most Interesting Man in the World quip; the best five word acceptance speeches at the Webby Awards; and my brother-in-law’s footage of elephant seals battling it out in Antarctica gets the Japanese Tekken sumo wrestler treatment.



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