Saucy ad wins Running With Scissors February Ad Impact Award

The humble art of extracting every last drop of New Zealand’s favourite condiment resonates with the public and is the secret sauce behind Running With Scissors’ Upside Down Bottle commercial for Wattie’s, which wins Colmar Brunton’s February Ad Impact Award.

Colmar Brunton senior account manager Harriet Dixon says the ad plays on Kiwi ingenuity and creates a memorable ad portraying a very common problem – getting the sauce at the bottom of the bottle.

“Consumers can really relate to these scenarios and this is key to hooking consumers in and aiding the memorability of this ad.  The fact that each engaging scenario involves the familiar Wattie’s Tomato Sauce bottle means the branding of this ad is outstanding, consumers are left in no doubt that this ad is for Wattie’s,”she says.

“Whilst also driving a strong response, giving consumers the desire to buy this upside down bottle, and surely leaving them with a warm and fuzzy feeling that Wattie’s has taken notice and acted by delivering a product that solves an annoying problem.”

Heinz-Wattie’s general manager of marketing Tim Skellern is also chuffed by the clever upside down sauce container. 

“Turning the bottle upside down is just another example of that Kiwi genius. We all love the communication, so I’m thrilled with the feedback that the spot has resonated well with viewers.”

We at StopPress are sceptical that an upside down sauce bottle is revolutionary (or a New Zealand invention), but we do like ads with tasteful use of Kiwiana. So, ka pai Running With Scissors.

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