Sanitarium, Youi and 2degrees share Ad Impact Award spotlight

Colmar Brunton has announced the brand ads that had the most impact in April and while there’s usually an overall winner of the Ad Impact Award, this time, Sanitarium, Youi and 2degrees share the recognition.

According to Colmar Brunton, Sanitarium deserves a mention for its latest ‘Made from more’ TVC, which showcases where the brand sources its ingredients from.

“This advert made the New Zealand public love the brand as it meets their needs. The relevant and credible information contributed to them saying they are more likely to try the brand in the future,” said Colmar Brunton in the release.

Also getting a mention is Youi’s ‘Bonnie and Wiremu’ spot, for its refreshing storytelling approach in the insurance category. It shows two friends, Bonnie and Wiremu, entering a trolley derby and after their first attempt at a race car, Wiremu decides to incorporate his Maori culture into his speed creation and changes it. Just before the race, Bonnie gives Wiremu a special gift, which is his name on a number plate made from several ones because his name is so unique.

The story shares the message that ‘everyone is different and their insurance should be too’ and according to Colmar Brunton, New Zealanders thought this was a very enjoyable ad to watch and the sort of ad they would talk about with their friends. 

2degrees is the last brand receiving acknowledgement for its April effort, with Colmar Brunton commending it for its humorous style of creative.

This time two people try to figure out why 2degrees’s broadband is so fast. Massive cables, pumping it full of adrenaline and laying the cables so that it starts from a really high place are all possibilities they conjure up. The conclusion is that 2degrees’s advanced technology is the reason it’s so fast.

“Again, the New Zealand public said it is very enjoyable and delivers the main things they need from a telecommunications company,” said Colmar Brunton, “…it also relays relevant information to Kiwis, therefore making 2degrees very appealing to them”.

While the above three received recognition, Colmar Brunton said it did find that branding for April ads was not as strong as previous months.

According to the release, Kantar Millward Brown found the single best predictor of in-market effects for ads is branding, and this ties in with evidence from Ehrenberg-Bass, emphasising the ‘mental availability’ for brands.

“Poor branded ads will not help the brand come to mind when making a purchase decision. Engaging creatives with poor branding will not add value to the brand. A well-branded execution will integrate the brand throughout the story line, make use of distinctive brand assets or develop a distinctive creative style,” said Colmar Brunton.

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