Samurai wolf! Fun with beer! Skype healing! Temptation! Privacy! Ferrell! Art! RGB! Translation! Gaffes!

Youtube Video Half wolf, half samurai, Wolvesblade is out for revenge.

Youtube Video A new and fairly surreal Heineken ad.

Youtube Video And we quote: “At first we thought this was just clever viral marketing for Skype. And then I looked into Braco’s eyes and some wee came out.”

Youtube Video So much temptation.

Youtube Video A social experiment testing the difference between sharing on Facebook and sharing in person.

Between Two Ferns is back, this time with Will Ferrell; using compact discs (and the death of famous artists) to try and stop piracy; hours of fun with RRRR GGGG BBBB; English turns of phrase translated to help confused foreigners; and there’s nothing better than an inappropriate royal, as Prince Phillip’s 90 gaffes in 90 years shows.


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