Royal breakdancing! Tarp surfing! Feel the masculinity! Existential Star Wars! Life in a Day! Books! Mother Lovers! Banksy! Hanksy!

Youtube Video Aside from the nibbles, the best bit about weddings is often the impressive array of dad dancing on display. And, as this royal breakdancing session shows, Prince Charles should be at the top of his game tonight (here’s a remix).

Youtube VideoWhat do you do when there’s no water to surf on? Fake it.

Youtube Video Ahhh, chainsaw ads. You can literally feel the masculinity. And here’s some more masculinity feeling.

Youtube VideoDarth Vader meets Jean-Paul Satre.

Youtube Video YouTube and Ridley Scott’s ‘Life in a Day‘ trailer. And here’s a teaser.

A perfect present for those struggling new parents; the very entertaining but very not safe for work follow up to ‘Dick in a Box’ made especially for Mother’s Day; and Banksy doesn’t like advertising (but Hanksy does).

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