Reminder: TVNZ-NZ Marketing Awards call for entries nears deadline

There are few things worse than arriving at a store only to find the doors locked and an in-store employee sadly shaking his head in affirmation of what you already know. And then, as you mope back to your car with empty fingers that yearn for the plastic bag burn, you can only speculate how different things could’ve been, and how much fuller your passenger seat would’ve felt, had you only arrived on time. So, in an effort to stop this familiar feeling from making itself known to you in slightly different but equally disappointing form, we’ve decided to give you a quick reminder that the entry window for the TVNZ-NZ Marketing Awards is almost closed.      

Although the call for entries deadline is 23 May, this date can be extended to 30 May upon application and a fee of $150 + GST (contact marilena@marketing.org.nz). 

Those interested in entering can still download an entry from the event website.

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