Poi, eh! Science explained! Hairy Otter! Flirting with magic! Cats! Sexy books!

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Taika Waititi warned everyone that his kinda-new, but mainly just rehashed music video for the Patea Maori Club’s Maori electrofunk classic Poi E would be either average or terrible. And while it does include some of the action from the outstanding Thriller/Poi E mash-up seen at the end of the film Boy, there’s nowhere near enough for our liking (speaking of remixes, what the hell is this?). But if you’re in the market for some heart-warming Kiwi nostalgia, check out the re-union of the Patea Maori Club that was organised by Maori TV and shown on Campbell Live.

Science: explained, and in a similar way to the approach taken by prestigious science show Look Around You, smooth talkin’ magicians lure the ladies, 11 amazing fake Harry Potter/Hairy Otter books written in China, an excellent use of time to create this onslaught of weird technicolour cats and an array of entertaining, unintentionally sexual book titles.

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