Passwords! Sculptures! Bright side! Mash-ups! Rugbeer! Little men! More hovercats! Gravy! Love! Cocaine! Cities! Links!

Youtube Video First world password problems.

Youtube Video Some amazing sand sculptures constructed for Omo in Singapore.

Youtube Video Coca-Cola looks on the bright side of life.

Youtube Video Mrs Doubtfire: the remix.

Youtube Video Speaking of remixes, here’s Snatch Wars (but beware the ribald language).

Youtube Video When rugby meets beer meets vending machines.

Youtube Video Annoying little men get crushed by chocolate.

Youtube Video Look at the kitty fly.

Youtube Video Mmmm, gravy.

Youtube Video The love that keeps on giving.

Youtube Video An ad agency getting behind a campaign to reduce cocaine use? Ironic much.

Vimeo Video New York in all its time-lapsed splendour.

Youtube Video A new clip promoting Auckland.

Copywriters vs art directors, Nike chief executive Mark Parker’s stroke-inducing office, keeping brands minimalfun with Shell and Twitter’s first TV ad.

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