Others’ expense! News trainwreck! Singing pits! Flash mobbage! Sterling’s Gold!

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Crying (with laughter).

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“When your pits are singing…”

Youtube Video

God damn you T-mobile and your infernal, immensely popular viral flash mobbing. Thankfully we have wise YouTube commenters to bring some sanity to proceedings: ‘Great advert, shame T-mobile is shit.”

Sterling’s Gold, a book being written by Mad Men character Roger Sterling is now real. And his collection of advice and anecdotes on advertising, business, marriage and life, could just be the perfect gift for the nostalgic adman who has everything. Filled to the brim with his pearls of wisdom and dodgy quotes (such as ‘Being with a client is like being in a marriage. Sometimes you get into it for the wrong reasons, and eventually they hit you in the face’ or ‘When God closes a door, he opens a dress’), it’s the perfect accompaniment to a few stiff drinks and a cigarette. Speaking of sexism, check out these ads from yesteryear.

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