Old Spices! Kenny ‘K-Swiss’ Powers! OK GO! Big days! Niche mags! Unbridled online timewastery!

Youtube Video The latest—and, as expected, very entertaining—Old Spice campaign has pitted Old Old Spice Guy Isiah Mustafa against New Old Spice Guy Fabio, with fans tweeting and commenting to choose their favourite frontman (Old Old Spice Guy won the battle). Here are some of the best: Hair, Mountain TopHypnotize and Message in a bottle (and if you’re really keen, check the Yoob channel out here for more)

Youtube Video Ah, the internet. Free of all those annoying restrictions advertisers face on TV, as this K-Swiss mini-movie starring ‘Kenny Powers’ well attests (contains strong language, adult themes, gratuitous violence).

Youtube Video OK GO do it again. And there’s an interactive version too.

Youtube Video These are the days of our lives.

Youtube Video There’s a magazine for everything.

Planking is so last month, and now it’s all about owling and batting; this infographic shows why Gen Y buys; the Kiwi chap caught up in the Norway bombings would rather talk about his workout (check out what is quite possibly the best comment ever under the 3news.co.nz story); the world’s most outspoken web designer; a time lapse of the nytimes.com homepage; and ‘1973 called, laughed at us and said we don’t have a clue how to dance anymore‘.

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