A fresh approach? Labour’s launch campaign borrows a few tricks from across the ditch

New Zealand’s Labour Party has released a new campaign, the first in its partnership with Moss Group, in the lead up to the election, which trumpets its commitment to ‘A Fresh Approach’ through leader Andrew Little speaking to the camera.

The near 60-second long video kicks off with Little answering the nations’ burning question, ‘Why do you want to be prime minister?’, to which he calls on his experiences as a father and cancer patient.

He then goes on to highlight a series of issues facing the country, including traffic, polluted waterways and housing affordability, before finishing on the point that “it’s time for a fresh approach for New Zealand”.

It’s an upbeat effort from the Labour Party, with a focus on improvement, however, it draws a striking resemblance to a video shared earlier this year by Australia’s WA Labor Party in the lead up to the Western Australian state election.

The video starts with leader Mark McGowan responding to the question of why he wants to be premier, by explaining he wants a better future for younger generations. He then goes on to point out the areas in Australia’s economy and infrastructure that he’d like to see improved and the ending on the point: “WA needs a fresh approach, WA needs a McGowan government.”

Also thought to be made by Moss Group, which is responsible for a number of Labor Party campaigns, the video saw success for Labor as McGowan received a majority of the votes to become premier. No doubt Labour is hoping the video structure will have the same effect here.

A Twitter user also pointed out the not so fresh approach to Labour’s campaign on the social media site.

While Moss Group is Australian based, it was reported by NBR that creative director Darren Moss has set up a studio in Wellington to work on the local party’s campaign.

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