My Food Bag pips Countdown to claim October Ad Impact Award

My Food Bag’s ‘Delivering bags of goodness’ campaign by Saatchi & Saatchi came out on top in the latest round of Colmar Brunton’s Ad Impact Award.    

The winning ad, which shows how the brand enables regular Kiwis to turn their kitchens into restaurants, proved hugely popular with Kiwi audiences.    

The spot scored particularly well in the persuasion category and also created a significant amount of talkability among viewers. 

This win will come as welcome news for Saatchi & Saatchi, which won the My Food Bag account earlier this year. Since taking over the account, Saatchi has been busy on the account, developing another TVC featuring actor Julian Dennison as well as playing an integral role in the brand work, packaging design, website and online content accompanying My Food Bag’s cheaper option, Bargain Box.

October was, however, a competitive month, with Countdown’ ‘How good do savings feel?’ spot by Red Jelly coming in as a close runner-up. 

The Countdown spot takes an emotional approach by comparing the savings made through the One Card loyalty scheme to the simple joys of sleeping in or having your sports team win.

From a behavioural science perspective, this ad also does a good job of appealing to both the rational and emotive parts of the consumer’s mind by pairing the practical advantage of saving cash with the positive feelings that this might elicit.     

The approach resonated with Kiwi viewers, who felt that it provided different and more relevant information compared to other supermarket ads.

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