McDonald’s scoops February Ad Impact Award

Another month, another round of TVCs hitting our screens and after feedback from New Zealanders, Colmar Brunton has crowned McDonald’s ‘Middle Seat’ spot by DDB the February Ad Impact Award winner.

Featuring young Milla who’s always sandwiched between her two boisterous brothers on car rides, Colmar Brunton says the ad reminds audiences why no one wants to sit in the middle seat.

The brothers play thumb wars across Milla, sniff their sweaty shoes and open the windows, which results in her hair blowing everywhere. And when the boys are not in the car, Milla is still forced to take up the middle seat between plants and pets. However, a trip to the McDonld’s shows the advantage to her position, as she is the only one with easy access to the bag of food placed in front of her.

According to Colmar Brunton, New Zealanders enjoyed the piece and it made them love McDonald’s even more.

“This well-branded execution has also generated a lot of talkability among the public as they say it’s the sort of ad that they would talk about with friends,” it says.

As well as McDonald’s, Rebel Sport and ANZ also performed in February, with both being named runners-up for the Ad Impact Award.

The Rebel Sport ‘What’s your why?’ by Ogilvy, featuring paralympic swimmer Sophie Pascoe, was found to be appealing and made New Zealanders more likely to shop at the sports store in the future. Colmar Brunton also adds the spot shares different information to other sports stores.

ANZ’s ‘Hold Tight’ video by TBWA Melbourne and Auckland, features same-sex couples holding hands to show support to the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. It encourages the couples to hold tight, rather than letting go of each other when there are other people around.

Colmar Brunton says it was enjoyable and created an affinity for the brand as well as generating talkability for ANZ.

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