Mainland puts cheese lovers’ patience to the test

Mainland is hoping to prove its brand proposition that ‘Good things take time’ in a puzzling new campaign, via Colenso BBDO.

Kicking off at the end of last year, the campaign has seen Mainland put the call out to puzzle and cheese enthusiasts to enter a competition to win a 2000 piece voucher. Once put together, the puzzle becomes a redeemable voucher to score its maker a well-earned prize that’s revealed in the puzzle itself.

There was 100 percent off 20kg of Tasty,  50 free blue cheeses and 50 free Special Reserve up for grabs.

The supporting ad watches as the puzzles get put together. Creative director Mike Davison says the job of putting together three 2000-piece puzzles to shoot was a bit of a task.

“Finance weren’t too happy with our timesheets by the end of it.”

Meanwhile, Mainland group marketing manager Margaret O’Sullivan says with ‘Good things take time’ being such a strong part of the brand DNA, it’s happy to have executed it in such a simple way.

So far, hundreds of hours have been spent on the puzzles with the fastest completion time being 45 minutes.

While the hands-on campaign is a unique approach to Mainland’s marketing, the lengthy task of piecing it together fits with previous campaigns that have told delightful tales of waiting for cheese.

There’s been Kevin and Terry who would spin yarns to pass the time and the story of a cheesemaker whose patience earned him the job at Mainland.


Most recently, Mainland told the story of a cheesemaker who when visited by his granddaughter, discussed the idea that with a little bravery, great things happen.

That campaign followed a love story in 2016, featuring high school sweethearts Bob Eggerton and Millie Pullman who, after 53 years of marriage, still worked hard to impress each other.

Client: Fonterra
Group marketing manager: Margaret O’Sullivan
Senior brand manager: Lucie Baker
Digital engagement manager: Rob Macdonald
Agency: Colenso BBDO

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